Professional & engaging images posted DAILY to your social media platforms - From just 33p per day! With your LOGO on each image!  

Each graphic has YOUR LOGO on it to help improve your brand awareness
Each image is carefully designed to educate and entertain your visitors and encourage them to be "liked" and "shared". By demonstrating to Facebook (and other platforms) that your content is engaging and shareable, they will promote your posts to new people without you having to lift a finger!

Struggling With
What To Post On
Your Facebook
Page To Get Real

Many inflatable hire companies intend to post on their Facebook pages every day, or every other day.  However, unfortunately life often gets in the way , and they get overwhelmed and distracted, lose momentum and end up forgetting to post on Facebook etc.  Before they know it, they haven't posted for a week, 2 weeks or even a month or more, and when their potential customers look at their page - it looks like a ghost town! And the customers may wonder if all is OK and whether the company is still in business?  Time constraints shouldn’t be a barrier to your inflatable hire company's success.

Right now, over 3 billion people are on social media and it's getting more and more popular.  Many of your customers (and potential customers) will check your website out first, and then look at your Social Media Platforms (especially Facebook) to satisfy themselves that they should do business with you, as opposed to your competitors.

Prices for our daily posting service start at just £14.95 per month (50p per day!)  which includes your company logo branded on each image.  This is the Bronze Option.

Want our team to post to your other social media accounts?   e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, GMB (Google My Business) and Pinterest?  Then please add £9.95 per month per social media platform (This includes your company logo on all the images that are posted)  E.g.  If you wanted the images posted DAILY on your Facebook Page (with your company logo on each image) and your GMB Page then the fee would be £24.90 per month (which would be the Silver Option)

Likewise, if you wanted these images posted to a third social network (e.g. LinkedIn) then the fee would be an extra £9.95 per month making £34.85 per month (This would be the Gold Option)

If you wanted these images posted to a fourth social network (e.g. Twitter) then the fee would be an extra £9.95 making £44.80 per month.  (This would be the Platinum Option)

If you wanted these images posted to a fifth social network (Pinterest) then the fee would be an extra £9.95 making £49.75 per month.  (This would be the Platinum Plus Option).  This is currently our top of the range option.

The social info-graphics that we post DAILY (or less often if you prefer) on your Facebook Page (and other platforms) include a mixture of Safety Tips, Amazing Facts, Top Tips, Fast Facts, Essential Facts, Top Things You didn't know about bouncy castles and humour.  They are designed to not only educate and entertain your Facebook visitors but are designed in such a way as to encourage them to be "liked" and "shared".  By demonstrating to Facebook (and other platforms) that your content is engaging and shareable, Facebook will promote your posts to new people without you having to lift a finger!

No more staring at a blank screen wondering what to write about!


Our posts get engagement:

We will post every day
for you! (or less regular e.g. twice a week if you prefer!)

We have invested £1,000's to ensure that every image we post for you is professional, engaging and relevant to the inflatable hire industry. By taking social media and content writing off your list of things to do, you can focus on your customers and growing your business....

  • More engagement
  • More trust
  • More brand recognition
  • More business growth
  • Enhances your SEO
  • Greater professionalism
  • Massive time savings for you
  • More influence
  • More customers & clients
  • More Likes & Shares
  • Educate & entertain your FB visitors & your customers with essential info
  • Gather more leads
  • Lower your marketing costs
  • Maximize outreach
  • It's like having an extra staff member!
  • Detailed Analytics - so that you can monitor your progress

If you subscribe to our Social Media Posting Service then you will also receive these valuable bonuses....


  • BONUS 1: TWO years of FREE SEO help to get your website ranking at the top of the search engines.
  • BONUS 2: A free ongoing subscription to our Clicks e-magazine which will train you to grow your business using digital marketing techniques (Coming soon).
  • BONUS 3: Free directory listing on (Coming soon)
  • Bonus 4: Free monthly content for your website on a wide range of topics to do with inflatable hire (This will help your Google rankings!)

Higher profit margins await...

Get started today.

CONTACT US: 07880 - 540201

Analytics, Know your progress! When you join WowContent, you have access to up to 3 month's of detailed analytics data on all your social media pages. To the left is a small sample of the data that will be available to you any time you wish.

WARNING! Having these graphics will cause tons of engagement, likes and shares on your Facebook page causing new customers to want to book their inflatables with you!

Be prepared!

Please note that your monthly fee includes your LICENCE for permission to use these images on your business Facebook page (and other social media platforms if you have chosen the enhanced option).  You are NOT permitted to sell these images, give them away or use them in any other way.

  • BONUS 1: All customers of Wow Content (Bronze Plan through to Platinum Plan) will receive a FREE two year's membership to SEO Gym - where we help your website get higher up in the Google rankings for your town, city or county area (on a first-come-first-served basis. See: and you'd also get FREE ongoing membership to our PRIVATE SEO Gym Facebook Group - where you would get info to enable you to get 8 - 10 powerful backlinks to your website every month.
  • We continue adding graphics on a DAILY BASIS (or less regularly if you prefer) to your business Facebook Page (and other Social Media pages if you choose more) to keep up the momentum – call us on 07880 - 540201
  • Please note that we would love to help every BIHA member with posting daily on their Facebook pages and other social media platforms, but unfortunately that would create a conflict of interests. As a result, we have decided that we can only help a MAXIMUM of 2 - 3 inflatable hire companies PER TOWN, and a maximum of 4 inflatable hire companies for very large towns and cities. So, with that in mind you are strongly advised to reserve your town asap for Daily Facebook posts and also for SEO help via and its private FB Group. If your town or city is all ready fully booked, then we apologise, but we can put you on our waiting list for when the next spot becomes available.